Saturday, 26 November 2011

How to be happier

We know from research that exercise improve moods and get us that kick of endorphin that makes us feel good and happy. Exercise is the single most popular tool we have to optimize our brain function....exercise not only makes us smarter; it also makes us less stressed, depressed and anxious. It increases brain-cell production in the hippocampus; the brain's center for memory and learning, and boosts norepinephrine and dopamine.
But research also shows that there are some behaviours associated with life satisfaction and optimal wellbeing. We have to work on these behaviours and make our self happy, and not think it's just going to happened or I can't be happy if I don't change my whole life.
Think about this:
  • practicing acts of kindness towards others – both in your existing social circle and outside of it.
  • devoting time to nurturing and enjoying relationships with family and friends.
  • practicing optimism when thinking about the future.
  • focusing on what you do well rather than your mistakes when you approach a new task.
  • learning forgiveness.
  • spending periods of time being "mindful" – focusing on the "here and now" rather than planning or worrying about your future.
The good life is here for us but we have to preseve it and work on it.
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