Monday 3 June 2013

What has happened to common sense? Who told us that we shouldn’t walk to the shops, work or school? Who told us that food in a can is better for us that something freshly made? No one!!!! We have changed our lifestyle due to society changing, forcing us to believe that fast food, readymade food, prepared food is what we need because we don’t have time to cook with fresh products. 

We are so good at making excuses not to move, so I think we might end up back in the monkey stage with arms hanging low down in front of us with rounded backs and no bottoms.  

Anyway, back to the food issue. We complain about our weight, love handles, the big belly and yet most of the time you’ll hear – "I do everything right and still don’t lose weight". Well, my believes are that we are too depended on pre-cooked food that we have forgotten how easy it can be to cook healthy food.

By using pre-cooked and processed food you add so many “hidden” calories it can actually be hard keeping or losing weight.

Making a salad and put some fish or chicken on the barbeque will not take more than 10-15 minutes, and then finishing up the meal with fresh fruit and you will have a perfectly balanced meal in not time.

I have done some comparison in regards to price and calories for you to consider, a big Mac meal for four from McDonald includes; 2 big Macs, 1 cheeseburger, 1 6-pack chicken nuggets, 2 medium fries, 2 medium cokes, 2 small cokes, costs $27.90 and will give each person about 900 calories.

A cooked dinner at home with chicken (a fresh whole), potatoes and salad will cost you (including cooking ingredients) $13.78 for four and you will save about 260 calories per meals compared to a McDonald’s meal.

So start planning you meals, shop accordingly, and don’t use pre-cooked and processed food, or the microwave oven, and your body will thank you by keeping and adjusting to a healthy weight.
 Yours in Health & Fitness,