Wednesday 14 May 2014

No one is perfect but that doesn’t mean we can’t love ourselves!
Perfect is such a strong word with too many expectations connected to it.  The dictionary definition of perfect is “without faults: without errors, flaws, or faults”, and no one will fall into that category but everyone is perfect in their own way.
Our lives are stressful enough without the pressure of having to do everything perfectly; we are suppose to have great career, be a fantastic partner, exercise, eat healthy and look like twenty forever. This need for perfection drives people to extreme measures to get there and this often causes more harm than good.
We work too many hours per week to stay on top of things, we often focus only on those around us forgetting to put ourselves first occasionally, we fall for the latest fad trends in exercising (20 sec training per week, the 30 sec “abtwister”, or even no exercise at all), we have ‘healthy’ precooked meals delivered home and we have Botox, liposuction and all kinds of implants, just to live up to what we believe is expected of ourselves.
Aiming to be perfect is not only unrealistic but also a waste of the person we are, we need to start to appreciate who we are and what we already have. So how did we get to this distorted way of looking at ourselves? A lot of it comes from media that really pushes the way we should live and look. We are the role model for our children and the younger generation and we all know that “kids don’t do what they’re told, they do what they see”. If they see us treating our bodies like something we will constantly replace parts of, instead of seeing us looking after it and treating it like a valuable entity, they will do exactly the same thing to their bodies, and we will have generation after generations harboring bad self-esteem and unhealthy bodies.
Over doing something; over-eating, over consuming alcohol, over exercising even over eating healthy is a sign that the body and mind are out of balance.
We need to bring back appreciation and self love for ourselves and our bodies before we all “hit the wall” not just from over working but from trying to be “over” prefect. It takes courage to admit that you love yourself, but in order to love and care for others we first need to love and care for ourselves. 

 I would love to live until I’m 100, but when that day comes along I would like to be able to say –This is pure me, with my wrinkles and my old look but I’m proud to be fit, healthy and look like the 100 year old lady that I am.
8 ways to become the person you truly love and are proud of (with all its wrinkles, a bit of love handles and even too big ears and too small breasts);

·         Simplify exercise; go for a run, use body weight exercises, use free weight (you don’t have to rush off to a gym or jump on the newest super trendy fitness classes)
·         Leave the car and start walking
·         Cook at home with fresh products
·         Don’t compare yourself with others
·         Say NO, think about yourself and be the one that makes your own decisions
·         Appreciate your wrinkles and your aging body as wisdom from life
·         Don’t take short cuts; fitness and health is lifestyle not a week long diet or quick nip and tuck.
·         Be proud of how YOU, yourself, can change and keep your body healthy
We shouldn’t regret growing old, its privilege a lot of people don’t get.

 Yours in Health & Fitness,