Thursday 29 January 2015

Personal Trainer; it’s not about you

Personal Training has exploded over the last 15 years, and I think it’s fantastic (not just because I’m a PT but because I really think we are a great asset to people’s healthy lifestyles). 

It makes me very sad though when I hear people telling me their stories about how some PT’s behave. Our job as a PT is to help people get in shape and stay in shape, and we do this through training and wellness coaching. When we are with our clients we need to focus on them (not texting, facebooking, checking out our own bodies, flirting with other clients, having our coffee- believe me it happens), this is not just due to the fact that they have paid for the session but also and most importantly for safety reasons.

Regardless of what is going on in my personal life, whether I am having a bad day, stressed or haven’t gotten enough sleep the night before I always ensure that I look energetic, well dressed and full of life and happiness, because this is what being a PT is all about.

As a PT we need to read our clients as soon as they walk through the door, to be able to make that particular session just what they need on that day. If they have had a tough day at work or a bad night sleep we might have to adjust the program to suit them for that training session.

We need to know our exercises so well, how it feels to do them and how to execute them, so you can read your clients bodies and see that they are using the right muscles and having the right body aliment.

If they need to talk, we will listen and we will remember the conversation so we can relate back to it later on if your client needs to.

We need to be the best possible role models we can be for our clients, so that they see just how attainable a healthy lifestyle is, helping them on their own journey to health and fitness.

Yours in health and fitness,




Sunday 4 January 2015

Another year have past with fun, fitness and challenges, and now we have a new year with all the wonderful opportunities to make a fresh start and make 2015 an amazing year.

May the world be filled with warmth, joy and good cheer, wishing you a Happy New Year!!

Yours in health and fitness,