Tuesday 18 December 2012

Christmas Around the corner

Christmas is the time of the year that in theory is supposed to bring peace, joy and love.

I have always loved Christmas, as a little kid I could start “planning” Christmas and the presents to everyone way before the shops started to decorate for Christmas.

If you think this is silly, just think for a moment about when the shops start thinking about Christmas now.

Anyway, Christmas turned out pretty much as all Christmas do, school holiday, family together, lots of presents, great food and sometimes winter sports.

I’m not the little kid anymore planning Christmas like the little elves, but I still do love Christmas. But suddenly I can see Christmas turning into the most stressful time of the year for most people.

Isn’t it sad!

Being in the health and fitness industry I can see the stress on people in so many different ways. We stress about the presents, the long time we have to spend with all the family, and we stress about the food and if we will put on weight.

How can we enjoy Christmas and let it bring peace, joy and love under those circumstances?

Because we can’t really ignore (and shouldn’t) Christmas let’s think about some “tools” we can use to make it that magic stress free season it should be, and be able to really enjoy Christmas and the festivity season.

Try these “tools” for a magic festivity season:

1.    Don’t wait

Start all ready now with a positive attitude towards Christmas. Even if Christmas is not your favorite time of the year, find 5 things you do like about the season and treasure them and the rest will look much better.

2.    Stop

When you start feeling overwhelmed with it all; (1) Stop, have a break from it all (2) Do something not involving preparations, read a book, watch a movie, listen to music or exercise. 

3.    Think about something that you DON’T have to do

We do have a lot “must” we it comes to Christmas; my list is as long as Santa’s list, but what would happened if we didn’t do everything? It will still be Christmas and I’m sure everyone that celebrates Christmas with you would be as happy as last year. Maybe you can use the extra time for something “Christmassy” that you would LIKE to put more time on. 

4.    Food and exercise

So we have managed to keep presents and expectations on a reasonable level, but around the corner is the next stressful event. All that lovely food and all the entertaining which makes it harder to keep your normal eating habits and maybe means less time for your normal exercises.

Instead of feeling that you have to avoid food during Christmas, think add food, which mean try to add your healthy food as new exacting dishes on the Christmas table. If you have started to eat and add a lovely salad to all your meals, you will definitive enjoy that with your Christmas and festive season food too.

Make it as a routine to go for a walk either before or after your meals. Most of us are on holiday during this time of the year, so we DO have the time for a walk or two every day.

      5. Enjoy NOW 

Whatever stressful events the holidays have in store for you, there is joy in the moment if you look for it. Sometimes, it’s hiding, but it is there.
Merry Christmas and A Happy Fit New Year!!!

Yours in Health & Fitness,