Sunday, 20 November 2011

How do we stay motivated to do exercises?

I bought my new 2012 kikki.k dairy, and can't wait to write in all my training session. This is only one way to stay motivated.

 Write you sessions in you dairy, make them part of everything else that is important to you. After you have finished your session, use a highlighter and color in what you have done. You can use different colors depend on how well the session went, or different color for different types of training.

This way you can easily follow what you have done, how well it went and hopefully you will have a very color full dairy.   

If you do miss one session here and there, don’t let that stop coloring your dairy.

How do you get right back into it?

Find out why I missed the session? If you know why you didn’t do your training, it’s so much easier to overcome it.

Start with you mind; don’t let the excuses take over. Write down your goals, maybe there is a fun run coming up soon that you could participated in or you might have a party around the corner that you would like to look good for.

Set goals, and make sure you have short goals. Shorter goals are more accessibly and that can really help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. It’s easier to stay focused on shorter goals than the longer ones. Meeting short goals gives you a sense of accomplishment that keeps you motivated to the main goal.

Give yourself a reward. I bought myself a really nice lululemon top when I did my 6 km up& down-hill run in about 30 minutes.

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