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10 diet mistakes
– know them and it will be easier to keep a healthy weight

We try so hard to eat well and do the right things, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem to work anyway. Keeping these “mistakes” in mind and the healthy weight journey will be easier.
You fear carbs

When you avoid carbohydrate you deplete you serotonin levels, which can make you feel deprived. And no one can last long on a diet that makes you grouchy. Fill up on fruits, vegetables and whole grain.

 You overestimate your workout’s calorie burn

Just because you have done a 45 minutes work-out doesn’t mean you can have a big chocolate cake as a reward. Exercise and eat healthy is the way to go.

 You eat healthy food but don’t cook it yourself

If you don’t prepare your own food, you give up control over your kilojoules destiny. So get the family into the kitchen and start cooking some healthy delicious food.

You wing it

If you don’t plan your meals and snacks you are more likely to grab whatever is easiest. Make a weekly menu and shop accordantly, and don’t forget a healthy snack as you walk out the door.

You eat a lot of pre-packed food
Low-kilojoules snack bars and frozen dinners aren’t necessarily healthy. Often they have too much sodium and sugar. Pre packed dinners can be good when you are running late, but don’t use them on a regularly bases. 

You over-eat fruit

Although fruit is definitely healthy, some are higher in kilojoules than others. Don’t cut out fruit, just cut down on portions. Just because one banana is good doesn’t mean fifteen are better for you.

 You let yourself get to hungry

When you are trying to “save” calories by skipping meals, you set yourself up for overeating later on. So eat frequently and that way you will approach you meals with a lower level of hunger and you can make smarter choices. 

You think short term, not long haul

If all you thinking about is looking good for next month’s party, then go ahead with the “starve-my-self- diet” and you will lose two kilos, but they will bounce right back on. A fit and healthy lifestyle that will show both on the outside and inside is a lifelong commitment. So make a decision about eating healthy and exercise and stick to it.

You give up when you screw up

Every healthy-diet plan needs wiggle room- for that beautiful cake at your friend’s dinner. The problem is our all-or-nothing attitude. So many of us thinks, due to that cake we might as well give up. But nobody had ever gain weight from one piece of cake at one-off dinner party. You gain weight when you let that cake be an everyday habit. Enjoy that cake and the dinner party, and make sure that you get back to your healthy eating plan again.

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