Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Hej!!(Swedish for hello),
We are already into December, I can't believe it!  Very soon everyone will join in all these crazy Christmas Parties, but don't forget about your health and fitness. There is no reason for not doing your training just because you are going to a Christmas Party later on in the day.

On top of all the Christmas Parties that divert us from our normal eating and fitness routines, we are stressed about getting everything ready for Christmas.

Don't let your emotions and stress ruin your holiday season.  Keep your dinner menus and training planning and there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to stay fit and healthy over the busy seasons leading up to Christmas.

After my normal breakfast (the oats and fruit as you saw the other day) I did a cross-fit training session, something different to what I normally do. Really fun and hard work!! After that I was ready for some sessions with clients. For lunch I had a nice red lentils soup, (recipe as below);
Red lentils soup                                 
4 servings

2 tsp oil                                                                
2 yellow onions
3 dl red lentils
1 tsp curry
4 carrots
1 tsp vegetable stock
1,3 l water



1. Peal and cut the carrots and the onions fine. Heat the oil and fry the

carrots and the onions together with the curry.
2.  Rinse the lentils and add them to the mixture.
3.  Add the water and the stock, and cook for about 10 minutes o
until the lentils are soft.
4.  Season with salt and pepper. Puree soup in a blender.
Reheat soup.

For dinner we will have burritos.

Yours in Health & Fitness,


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