Monday, 21 November 2011

Has exercise become too complicated?

When I was 10 years old my parents started a running club within their company. I went along every Thursday night for the 2,5 km or 5 km run, but I thought my parents were mad. Why did they have to make their employee run? My parents didn’t have the science behind what exercise actually does to the body, they just knew that they felt better and work better when they were fit, and they wanted that for their employees.

I’m not fit because I was born that way; I’m fit because I exercise.

I don’t wake up every day and think “–Yeepe, I’m going for a run.” I do it because it is part of my daily life. Of course I can feel the benefits it does to my body, but I don’t feel like training all the time.

I don’t analyze it, it’s Monday so I’ll go for my run, just like I would wash my hair because it is Monday. And afterwards I get that great “feeling good kick”, and that’s when you know you will do it again.

We have to stop making excuses, and just go out there and get our bodies moving.

Today we have all the research showing us that we can actually keep our body and cells younger by exercising. Forty and thirty years ago we did not have that, but we were still more active than we are today.

Don’t wait, plan and think you are going to be fit, just go for it today!!!!!

Yours in Health & Fitness,

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