Thursday, 12 April 2012

We all sometime struggle with planning our meals, to make healthy choices and not just something quick on our way to the next important part of our lives. 
But so many times bad choices about our meal are what make us tired, low on energy and put on weight. We don’t have to cook a three course meal all the time, keep that for special occasions, but by planning our meals and menus for the week can make a big difference in what you put in your mouth and expect your body to run on.
It doesn’t need to take more than 20 minutes one day a week, to sit down and make the menu for the week and then shop accordingly.
Below is a great quick (15min) healthy lunch or dinner, it stays nice and fresh so you can make it in the morning a have it as lunch.
Curried tuna and apple pita
1 serving
85gr canned tuna in water
¼ cup chopped unpeeled apple
2 tbsp Greek yoghurt
¼ tsp curry powder
½ tbsp chopped unsalted peanuts
½ tbsp Dijon mustard
Sea salt
½ whole wheat pita
½ cup shredded lettuce leaves

1.    In a small mixing bowl, combine the first seven ingredients.
2.    Line the pita bread with lettuce leaves  and spoon in the tuna salad

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