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Do you realize how much you core is involved in your posture?
Poor posture weakens your core, which causes other muscles near the core not to do their job.

If your deep abdominal and hip muscles are weak your hamstrings and external hip rotators have to compensate during movement, like hip extension during a walk or a run. This causes your hamstrings and hip rotators to be overworked and fatigue easily.

There are many posture related problems. Here a few where the Swedish Posture support can assist in making it easier to correct them:
Tilted Pelvis Problem – Your pelvis has a particular purpose in your body, it acts as a lever and has a big impact on your posture. Sometimes individuals with weak core muscles will develop a problem known as ’tilted pelvis’ whereby weakened stomach muscles means the weight pulls the pelvis forward which induces a bad posture.
Rounded Shoulders – Spending hours at a desk hunched over a computer makes it hard to keep good posture. Rounded shoulders occur when the body begins to naturally hunch or slouch over. Shoulders move inward, a curve forms at the back and spine, and the abdomen protrudes.

Joint & Foot Pain – Those people who suffer poor posture can also experience difficulty in their joints and in their feet. Normally this is due to the skeletal system becoming poorly aligned so pressure is placed on areas of the body which are not designed to take it.

During some perios of time in life your back is under more pressure due to for instance an injury, pregnancy and during the baby period when you do a lot of carrying and lifting of the baby. For pregnant women, back pain can have a negative impact on your daily lifestyle, from potentially missing time at work to making your delivery more difficult.
Most of the time back pain during pregnancy has natural causes due to changes in the bodies' aliment. Common changes due to pregnancy that can cause back pain includes:

1.   Weight gain. Pregnancy can cause you to gain as much as a quarter of your body weight, adding stress to the back and other weight-bearing structures.

2.   Center of gravity changes during pregnancy. Secondary to weight gain, the weight is typically carried anterior (in the front) as well as posterior (behind). This change in your center of gravity creates:

o    Muscular imbalances. These imbalances create strain on weight-bearing structures in the body and are more problematic if superimposed on existing imbalances (such as muscle weakness and inflexibility).

o    Muscles that fatigue more quickly than usual. Muscle fatigue in turn often results in poor posture and/or makes poor posture even worse.

By using the Swedish Posture Mother and assisting you thoracic muscles to keep a good posture, it will promote and support proper posture and avoiding unnecessary stress to supporting structures.

Swedish Posture support is a brilliant new Swedish product that you will assist you to activate your back muscles; it works as a reminder for you and your muscles where to work for a good posture. Because it “forces” you to keep a good posture in a relaxed way your muscles will slowly “learn” the new position and feel comfortable in that position.
Swedish Posture support is so discreet that you can wear it under your clothes for support at work or put it on over your clothes at home for a bit of relief after work.
Swedish Posture is available in three different styles;
 style -stylish, comfortable and discreet design makes Swedish Posture Style an invisible aid – with amazing visible benefits, enabling a perfect posture for a more confident you! -,
performance - Swedish Posture Performance helps the body to find a natural and healthy position during long work days at the computer and in physically demanding sports and activities to which posture is essential. - and
mother - Swedish Posture Mother
provides support to parents carrying heavy loads, experiencing imbalanced strain and helps mothers to find the way back to a confident and proper posture after pregnancy and nursing.

Swedish Posture supports are now available on my web-shop,

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