Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Do you need some inspiration for dinner tonight?
This recipe doesn’t take longer to make than cooking the pasta,
My version of Frutti de Mare
 2 serves

·         200  gr cooked prawns
·         200 gr mussels
·         Half a can of chopped tomato
·         2  fresh fine chopped tomato
·         ½ fine chopped onion
·         2 cloves chopped garlic
·         ½ cup fine chopped parsley
·         Fresh basil
·         ¼ cup black olives
·         200 gr pasta 

1.    Fry fine chopped onion, garlic and add canned tomato and fresh tomato and come to a boil.
2.    Clean the mussels and peal most of the prawns
3.    Add the muscles to the sauce and let them boil for 10 min or until open.
4.    Add prawns, salt, pepper, parsley and basil, come to a boil.
5.    Sever with pasta.

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