Sunday, 22 April 2012

Have exercise lost its pleasure?
So many times I have clients complaining to me that the Personal Trainer they have been training with is pushing them too hard and they feel stressed about keeping up with all the exercises they have to do.
I think we now more than ever have access to charity runs, marathons, triathlons, adventure trekking and runs, mountain biking – you name it and it’s available for us to join. It is great that we can set a goal and have something to train for and get a ‘high’ from achieving it.
We also have apps that tell us when to train, what to train, how fast, on what intensity, and what to eat to keep us on track and motivated.
My concern though is that in our already stressed lifestyles, this put another stress factor to our lives and maybe even put some people off exercising.
Where has the pleasure of a 5 km run in a moderate pace, enjoying nature and the feeling of moving the body gone? I’m a Personal Trainer and off course I sometimes put pressure on my clients to keep up their exercises, but I’m promoting exercise for health and pleasure. I enjoy my training, it can be weights, a run, a step class, yoga, body balance anything that gets the heart pumping and moves my body.
Our government is doing everything they can to educate people about the health benefits from a fit and active body, but at the other end we have TV-shows like Biggest Loser where exercising and eating healthy is all about winning. The normal person who lives a normal life to run can’t exercise like that, and then we get to the comment that scares me – “There is no way I can do all that, so why do anything?”
Maybe we should go back to the good old morning gymnastics, arms stretching up, a push up, a few jumps and an enjoyable run in the forest.

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