Monday, 10 September 2012

If I could get a penny for every smile I get when I fit someone with a Swedish Posture brace I could retired now. It is so great to see someone that suffer from a bad posture, it could be from pain or the feeling of having a bad posture, when they try the Swedish Posture brace, that relief/amazed look on their face when the realize how nice it is to be in the right aliment.

The Swedish Posture brace have been on the Australian market since February this year with great success. The response from both costumers and health professionals that are using them are very positive.

We have received comments from physiotherapist saying; “patients whom are having lots of pain from poor posture found it to be very helpful”, and feedback from costumers using them that “even when I am not using the brace I’m reminded to keep a good posture because when I use the brace I know how I should be”.

Posture causes pain that ranges from the most common lower back pain, shoulder and neck pain to frequent headaches. Bad posture is a downward spiral because your body typically compensates for bad posture with a worsening posture.

Better posture will not only give you BETTER POSTURE but also:
  • Instantly take off a couple of kilos in appearance
  • You will look and feel younger
  • Improves circulation, digestion & breathing
  • Eliminates many aches and pains

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