Monday, 18 June 2012

Do we ever learn to stop? I have a knee that’s been playing up since I was about 18, and believe it or not, because I went a bit too fast in the ski slopes.

I know what I can do and not do, and most of the time I’m smart. But 6 weeks ago I did the Mother’s Day Classic 8 km run, a lot of fun and I kept a pretty good pace considering the weather and all the people.

I know that for 6-7 km my knee is okay, but I thought one more km wouldn’t be too bad and the knee had been good for so long. So off I went, but as soon as I passed the finish line I could feel that my patella tendonitis, or jumper’s knee, had flared up.

So as the good personal trainer I am, I stretched it, massaged it, put anti-inflammatory cream on it, and rested. I have done active resting so I have used the bike and been running on the cross-trainer, and it has been going really well.

Until last Saturday, I thought the knee has been feeling really good so a 6km run was probably going to work. Yeah, right! This is where I should have said stop, give it a good rest for 6 weeks or so make sure the swelling was down and then started with a flat walk/run.

There you go, that’s my story for today and what have we learnt – listening to your body and move slowly return back to exercising after any injury. Isn’t it funny – that’s what I tell me clients all the time?

Yours in Health & Fitness,

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