Monday, 7 May 2012

The wonderful feeling of passion and motivation.

I had a great dinner with my girlfriends on Friday night. We were at my place so I had spent some time preparing dinner, and after a few glasses of wine and a late night I was quite tired the next day. To be honest I didn’t do much at all on Saturday, I did take the dog for a walk but spent most of the time on the sofa reading and just enjoying being lazy.

Today (Sunday) when I woke up and thought I need to go for a run my body was still in “lazy mode”, and I thought I might spend another day on the sofa. But when my daughter took off for her run and then later also my husband, I thought I need to do something! The decision landed on Body Balance.

I did a Body Balance class, and even though I know the amazing power exercise has on our mind and body, it still blows me away the difference in thoughts and feelings you have after an exercise session.

I have now made a long list of things that needs to be fixed at home that I have thought of, but has been a long way from action due to lack of motivation. Motivation can come from something you have seen, something someone said or something you have read, but when it comes from passion within and just appear, and makes you feel strong and confident, it’s just a wonderful feeling.

Yours in Health & Fitness,

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