Monday, 14 May 2012

Almost every week we have reports about how inactive Australians are, and that we are getting more overweight and obese by the minute.

That is sad and I know we really need to focus on changing the mindset of people when it comes to healthy eating and an active lifestyles, but we also have to congratulate everyone that makes a difference and tries.

Yesterday I ran Mothers Day Classic. I did the 8km run and had an early (for a Sunday!) start at 8.15am. It was 10 degrees, raining, and windy, but in and around Alexandra Garden there were people everywhere. Young, old, big, small, with or with-out prams, everyone were out to support Breast Cancer research but also they had gone out of bed on a rainy cold Sunday morning to be active and exercise.

Mothers Day Classic Melbourne had more participants this year than ever, 40000 that if nothing else shows us that Australians are on the move and wants to get fitter and healthier. 

We don’t have to join a gym, get a whole gym set up at home, pay long-term expensive PT fees (I know I’m a PT and I need business, but if I can change someone’s habits to a healthier and more active lifestyle in 6 months time then I feel I have done a great job), we have a lovely green city to walk and run in.

If more people joined the 40000 Mothers Day walkers or runners and did 10000 steps every day, we would soon have an obesity epidemic that comes to a halt and then decreases. 

Yours in Health & Fitness,

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