Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Hej (swedish for hello) and Good Morning,

Life doesn’t always follow the smooth run that we expect it to!

Sometime life takes a totally different turn to what we are expecting and daily life might feel like a struggle or you might be so stressed at work that daily life might feel hard and that last thing you can think of is exercise.

I know how it feels, but I have also realized that exercise helps me through these times. It takes me from the feeling of that everything is hopeless to a state of mind where I feel – I’m strong, I can do this and no one has the right to make me feel bad.

Exercise is a powerful tool when it comes to the connection between body and mind; exercise not only makes us smarter; it also makes us less stressed, depressed and anxious.

When you exercise you body produces endorphins, which are considered stress hormones – there are forty of types of them, with receptors throughout the brain and the body – that calm the brain and relieve the muscle pain during strenuous exercise. The theory that exercise fills your brain with this morphine like substance matched the good feeling people get after exercise.

Aside from elevating the endorphins, exercise regulates all of the neurotransmitters targeted by antidepressants. It elevates levels of norepinephrine, which wakes up the brain and gets it going and improves self-esteem. Exercise also booster dopamine, which improves mood and feelings of wellness and jump start the attention system.

I’m sure that most of you have experienced the sense of – I have to go for walk when you feel upset- , that’s the bodies’ way of helping you coupe with the situation.

Of course we all have time when we really couldn’t be bothered doing exercises, and that’s fine we all deserve a bit of “Today I don’t feel like doing anything….” , but it is important that we take responsibility for our health and how the lifestyle can assist us with that.
So even though you sometimes don't feel like doing a hard exercise session, try to go for a walk and make the body move and get those "good feeling" hormones kicking in!

Yours in Health & Fitness,


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