Monday, 12 December 2011

4 good reasons why you should have gluteus exercises in you training regime!
There are many good reasons, not just cosmetic, to include gluteus exercises in your training regime.
The gluteus are the biggest muscle in the body and they look after a lot of the day to day movements that we do. If they are fit, they are ok but if they are weak they can be part of at lot of problems. Because they are not really involved in our inactive daily life they may become weak.
When we are standing, sitting, laying and walking we really don’t use the gluteus maximus, the largest gluteus muscle. You have to walk actively taking long steps to active them.
Due to our inactive lifestyle and our inactive gluteus muscles our hip flexors, back muscles, and hamstrings have to take a lot of the stress. Which could give you back pain. 

Advantages with a strong a bottom:
You get a better posture
You engage your gluteus muscles in combination with your pelvic when you are active.

You will look after your back

In a proper lift we should use legs and gluteus. If these muscles are weak, we will put a lot of the stress on the back muscles.

You support the spine
When we walk, run, jump, climb and so forth, a lot of pressure is put on the back. If your gluteus and legs are strong they will support the spine.

You get more energy
There is nothing more tiring then walking around with a sore back. If you have a strong and healthy back you don’t get as tired and daily life will be easier.
So start using squats and lunges in your training sessions and you will not only feel how good your cloths fit but also how much easier daily activities gets.

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