Monday, 19 November 2012

Can I exercise even though my knees sound like 100 year old hinges?

As we get older most of us experience that our knees have their own language with creaking and grinding. As long as you don’t have any soreness or pain in your knees you can happily continue with whatever exercise you are doing.

Creaking and grinding usually come from the cartilage under the knee cap that over the years gets a bit uneven.

When you develop the creaking and grinding in your knees it is very important that you warm up properly before exercising. Do 10 minutes of a good pace walk or a little bit of jogging before you commence your training. When you slowly increase the intensity the circulation and you heart rate slowly increases and you joints will build up synovial fluid, which reduces friction between the articular cartilages of the synovial joints during movement.

The knee needs to be maintained well, not to develop any acute problems, so a well executed leg training program is very important. Train the muscles around the knee so they can stabilize the knee, and make sure that the knee cap is tracking well. If the knee cap is not tracking right the pressure on the cartilage increases and the likelihood of more server problems accrue.

It is also important to stretch your quadriceps muscles and iliotibial band, the knee cap inserts to these muscles. If you have tight muscles around the knee they put pressure on the knee and knee cap that might not track well.

Happy pain free training!

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