Tuesday, 20 March 2012

We need good posture to show off confidence

As a personal trainer I work with people with bad posture every day, most people do not realize how important posture is. Since most people spend 6 or more hours sitting each day and not exercising enough our backs are under huge pressure.   

Posture causes pain that ranges from the most common low back pain, shoulder and neck pain to frequent headache. Bad posture is a downward spiral because your body typically compensates for bad posture with worsening posture. Your lower body posture changes too, and when you start walking around with bent knees, you really look prematurely old, and probably feel it as well.

Bad posture also interferes with our confidence and how people look at us. The way you walk down the hallway, across the parking lot or into a room is a powerful first clue to how you feel about yourself. Walk erect with the head held high, your shoulders back, your chest out and your stomach in. With that positive and confident walk you create respect without ever saying a word.

So how do you achieve a good posture?

Obviously the first natural solution would be to start exercise the back muscles in the right alignment, but sometimes we might need a bit of support to assist in the process.

When we try to correct bad posture by changing, like trying to stand straight, sometimes we do that by tightening other muscles already struggling against the other muscles.

We assume that to correct bad posture, all we have to do is to stand or sit straighter. Once we have made this effort we are confident our posture is good – while we remember to do it.

Swedish Posture support is a brilliant new Swedish product that you will assist you to activate your back muscles; it works as a reminder for you and your muscles where to work for a good posture. Because it “forces” you to keep a good posture in a relaxed way your muscles will slowly “learn” the new position and feel comfortable in that position.

I am not qualified to give medical advice, nor will I give any. So start out by consulting a doctor before you try the posture support if you have pain due to your bad posture.

Swedish Posture support is so discreet that you can wear it under your clothes for support at work or put it on over your clothes at home for a bit of relief after work.

Better posture will not only give you BETTER POSTURE but also:
·         Give you a better, more confident image
·         Instantly takes off a couple of kilos in appearance
·         You will look and feel younger
·         Improves circulation, digestion & breathing
·         Eliminates many aches and pains

Swedish Posture supports are now available on my web-shop, www.newfitness.com.au

Yours in Health & Fitness,

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