Friday 19 December 2014

Staying fit over the holiday!

Keeping fit over the holidays may seem very hard, and too difficult to manage. The wonderful food that can be hard to resist, and the lazy days with the family around make it less tempting to get out for a run or attending a class.
But with a few strategies and a helping hand you can keep your holiday fitness right on track and feel good as the New Year begins.
·         Set the goals of simply maintaining your weight; Christmas is not a time of the year when you should to have to “holdback”. Be realistic and enjoy the holiday season, but don’t overdo it.
·         Think about the meals, we don’t need to eat Christmas dinner every day over three weeks. Have same fruit and vegetables before lunch and dinner, which will help you not to be starving for the meals and be realistic about which day is actually Christmas
·         Cut down on some of the “heavy” foods, skip the potatoes and add a fresh salad. Don’t save yourself for the big lunch or dinner. Eat your normal, healthy breakfast and lunch so you don’t overeat by the time the “big” meal comes around.
·         Stay motivated to exercise by giving yourself incentives. Keep an activity chart on the refrigerator and reward yourself with some new exercise gear when you have reached your goals each week.    
So what should you do?
30-45 minutes brisk walk every day
3 times per week add some core exercises to your walk

Have yourself a merry little Christmas!!

 Yours in Health & Fitness,


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